Thursday, 18 October 2012

Welcome To Exam Section

 Instructions for students:

Read these rules. Failure to comply with the following rules can result in an expulsion from the exam and possible failure in the course. It is the students’ responsibility to check the exam schedule for the day and start time of their exams.

  1. You must sit in your allocated seat.
    1. Check your seat allocation before you enter the exam room (posted by your classroom and outside the examination room).
  2. Students must be in formal dress with college ID and Hall Ticket.
If you forgotten ID or Hall Ticket you can obtain duplicate from the exam section before the exam.
  1. Bring all the approved materials that you need for the exam (see subject specific lists below)
  2. Do not bring textbooks, notes, bags, purses, backpacks, or mobiles into the exam room.
  3. Electronics are not permitted in exam room except for approved calculators.
    1. This includes, but is not limited to, personal music players, recording devices, cameras, and cell phones.
    2. Electronic translators for ESL students need to be pre-approved by your teacher. Bring the signed approval form to the exam.
  4. Only water/water bottles will be allowed.
    1. Students may also bring water/water bottles to drink if writing their exam.
  5. Enter the room quietly and go directly to your assigned seat.
    1. This is not a time for socializing.
    2. You may enter an exam prior to 15 min before exam time.
  6. Listen to all instructions for the conduct of the exam.
  7. Read all instruction in the exam booklet.
  8. No talking or communicating with other students while in the exam room.
  9. Supervisors cannot help you with the exam.
    1. Supervisors cannot clarify any questions, explain words or otherwise discuss the exam.
    2. If you think that there is a problem with the exam, take it up with your teacher after the exam through proper channels of appeal.
  10. You may not leave your seat without permission.  Supervisors must check labels, and signature, prior to their dismissal.
    1. If you need assistance, raise your hand and wait for a supervisor to arrive, this includes leaving for the bathroom, to which you must be escorted.
  11. You may not leave the exam room until one and half hour after the start.
    1. When you do leave the exam room, do so quietly. Have respect for those others still working on their exam.
    2. Students are not allowed to remove materials from the examination room. This includes any tear-out pages from the examination booklets.
    3. On exiting the exam room you must move away from the doors and corridor.
    4. In the core you must move to the other side of the partition and remain quiet so as not to disturb those still in the exam.
Once you have exited the exam room, you may not return for any reason.